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Grade Letter School Clipart

Grade Letter School Clipart

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A heat press in necessary, you cannot use an iron or easy press to put these on your apparel. 

Pressing Instructions These are Warm PEEL Transfers. 

Heat Press to 305-315 deg. The temperature variation is due to the environment variation where you live, temperature, humidity, and actual press temperatures play a huge role in the success of pressing DTF transfers. 

  • Pre-press Garment 8-10 secs
  • Press Design where desired for 12-15 secs
  • Let Cool for 3-5 secs
  • Peel
  • Press again for 6-8 secs to ensure the transfer is embedded into the material.
  • Make sure and inform customers of care instructions for DTF transfer apparel. You must wash in cooler temperatures, preferred inside out, and hang dry or dry on medium to low heat in the dryer. This will ensure that they will enjoy their purchase for many years. When properly cared for the transfer will outlast the apparel itself.


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