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VIP Membership Pricing Flat Rate 3.50 SQ Ft

VIP Membership Pricing Flat Rate 3.50 SQ Ft

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This is for any order Big or small for VIP
You take 22 times the length of your gang Sheet. divide that number by 144, Please round up bc I cannot sell you a half a foot of film lol Then multiply that number by 3.5.
Here is the Formula. 
22x (X) X being the length of your Gang sheet. = Square Inches
Divide this by 144 = this is what you enter as your Qty. 
Qty x $3.50 a Sq ft and that is your price. 

Gang sheet is 180 inches
180x22=2160 3960/144= 27.5 or 28 
Order 28 qty of the DTF by the sq. foot.

Send file to Don't Let this stress you PLEASE, I am here to help you save money and this will help you do that! After doing this a time or 2 it makes perfect sense!! If you don't get it right, I will know how much it takes in my printer and will just invoice you for overage owed or refund you for overage paid!
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